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Pilates  and Barre Instructor - Jennifer Lawrence - London Based

Welcome to my Pilates World! I am a fully qualified Pilates Instructor with a Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates. I am certified in Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Wunda Chair, Pre/Post Natal Pilates and Barre.


I started my Pilates journey during my training to become a professional Dancer; it was here that I learnt how this form of exercise can strengthen and change the body for the better. After performing in Musicals, Children's Theatre and Films I decided to venture into a new career - JLAW PILATES.

My diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance is certainly not wasted within my Pilates sessions; I love to entwine the two to get the best out of each client that I instruct.

As well as my own private classes you can find me at Pilates On The Green in Southgate for group Reformer Pilates sessions. 

I look forward to doing Pilates with you very soon!



Pilates is a form of exercise which aims to improve posture, strengthen not only the core but muscles from head to toe, increase mobility, increase flexibility and challenge co-ordination skills. 

Pilates is suitable for men, women and children. The great thing about this form of exercise is that it can be modified/adapted to suit each individual whether you're an absolute beginner to exercise, a professional athlete or recovering from an injury.


Pilates Principles:


Breathing  - By using the breath you can take each exercise to it's full potential and connect to the movement with extra support. You'd be surprised how often you're holding that breath in when you exercise....why make things harder for yourself?!

Concentration - A moment of focus and use of your mind is needed throughout to get your body moving the pilates way.

Centring - Our centre point, our 'Powerhouse', our core is where each movement is sourced from.

Precision - Each movement/exercise requires a certain position and alignment of body parts, constantly aiming for accuracy in execution.

Flowing Movement - A feeling of fluidity and grace should be present  throughout each motion. At no point are pilates movements jerky, they are done with ease.

Isolation - Learning to separate muscle groups to optimise the build up of strength throughout the body.

Control - Moving at a steady pace rather than at high speed is tougher than it may sound. Maintaining this control ties in with all other principles; use of mind, focus etc.

Routine - 'In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference and in 30 you'll have a new body' Like any routine you must stick to it but trust me you will!


~ Improved flexibility ~

~ Increased Strength ~

~ Increased muscle tone in the buttocks, thighs, arms, shoulders/everywhere! ~

~ Better use of breath leading to more efficient respiratory system, more efficient circulatory system and more efficient lymphatic system ~

~ Decreased stress levels ~

~ Improved posture ~

~ Flatter stomach due to core strength work ~

~ Fewer headaches ~

~ Prevention of back pain ~

~ Prevention and aid in rehabilitation of injuries ~

~ Increased bone density ~ 

~ Greater joint mobility ~

~ Improved overall functional movement ~



All classes currently online via zoom

One To One Pilates Sessions  

Classes specifically tailored for each individual client in the comfort of their own home - I travel to you! Whether it be to get your exercise fix, recover from injury or to tone up; these sessions aim to meet your goals and to have a positive impact on your life.


1 Hour 1:1 Class - £60

 Lets get your Pilates regime started!

Duet Pilates Sessions

Similar to the one to one classes I travel to you and customise a duo session specifically to meet your needs. 

​Whether you're a couple, mother and daughter, best friends or even work colleagues this is for you!

1 Hour Duet - £80

One To One Reformer Pilates Sessions  

Reformer Pilates Classes specifically planned for each individual client at my home studio. 

The Reformer is one of my favourite Pilates apparatus. It provides some extra challenges with the resistance springs, hand and foot straps, footbar and box. 

It remains suitable for any BODY, whether you are recovering from injury or you are a professional athlete. This machine will help lead you to a stronger and healthier you! 


1 Hour 1:1 Class - £55

30 mins 1:1 Class - £40


Please note unless cancellation is made 48 hours prior to your session full charge will apply.


After something else?
Email to request bigger groups, corporate and event sessions. Whatever you have in mind get in contact!

Online Group Class Schedule

Online - Via Zoom!
12pm -12.45pm -Pilates Flow
The Arc - Ladies Pilates
12pm- Online video Mat Pilates
Online - Via Zoom
10.30am-11.15am Pilates Flow
12pm-12.30pm Barre 
Online - Via Zoom
7pm-7.45pm Gentle Pilates
Online - via zoom
10.30am-11.15am Pilates Flow Super Saturday style!


Jenny's sessions are fun and effective at the same time.

She tailors the exercises to my specific needs and is always able to adjust them on the spot if necessary. 

Jenny is always on time and has a lovely personality and brilliant work ethic.

Altogether five star service!

What the Clients Say....


I started pilates a year ago following a period of 35 years of undertaking no exercise at all.


Pilates immediately appealed to me as the movements and stretches relaxed and toned me.

I asked Jenny to start personal tuition for two reasons.  I found she had a knack of being able to motivate me, a beginner, without being patronising and also takes the time and interest to correct me, ensuring I always gain the most from my sessions.  

Since I have started my personal sessions Jenny has always prepared the class taking into account my own needs.  She encourages, inspires and has a passion for the benefit pilates can give which I am feeling the benefit from. 


I have been attending Jen's classes regularly and find them incredibly enjoyable.  Jen is a very knowledgeable instructor who is good at teaching all levels in her classes.  I have improved my core strength, posture and flexibility.  I would highly recommend Jen's classes as a fun workout.


Get In Touch

Please use the contact table below or drop me an email to jlaw.pilates@gmail.com


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