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How Dance Has Influenced My Teaching Style....

For those who don’t know I was /will forever be a Dancer! It may explain way I teach the way I do.

🌟I love to keep the movements flowing - each session is like a sequence of dances.

🌟 I tend to have a rhythm to the movements which you may hear me cuing through voice, breath or visually you’ll notice contrasts through the positions.

🌟I believe correct technique leads to power so I’m quite picky on positions which is why I repeat a lot of alignment points for you to keep focused on.

🌟Repetition is the key to finding that strong technique to really feel the changes in your body. A ballet class has a set sequence of exercises at the barre and then in the centre - although the choreography changes the order is always there and this is followed for years to support that end result of that star performance!

I sometimes sing the ends of my words too - sorry if that’s annoying!

Anyway next time you’re in my class just imagine you’re dancing through each exercise, that’s what I do.

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