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Below are my private Pilates class options - upon clicking "Book Now" you will be directed to your email browser. Simply let me know which class you would like to try.



1 Hour 1:1 Class - £60

45 mins 1:1 Class - £50

Pilates Classes specifically planned for each individual client at my home studio in Enfield.

I combine Reformer, Wunda Chair, small equipment and Matwork within sessions.

The Reformer is one of my favourite Pilates apparatus. It provides some extra challenges with the resistance springs, hand and foot straps, footbar and box.

The Wunda chair is also a favourite of mine. Like the Reformer it uses springs to create resistance, adding the extra strengthening element to exercises. The chair is small but mighty and requires an incredible amount of control!

Pilates is suitable for any BODY, whether you are recovering from injury or you are a professional athlete. Both Matwork and the Pilates apparatus will help lead you to a stronger and healthier you!

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